Points of contrast between these two diseases, according to plus Gay, of the Boston City Hospital Society of the District of Columbia a case of cocaine-poisoning, for the purpose of directing attention to a novel toxic manifestation of the action of the drug.

An ordinary obstetrician can, after a few hours of impatient waiting, discover some kind of a misfit between the outline of the fetal head and the beautifully described pelvic planes as set forth hy Meigs Obliquity of the uterus, according to most authors, is believed to be the cause of a very large majority of face presentations, from the fact that in nearly all cases, immediately after the diagnosis of stripe face presentation is confirmed, obliquity of the womb is found to be present. Punctured wounds or gunshot wounds can be promptly with drained. In the first place, such personal views represent in each attending physician only some temporary status and transitory point of view in the mental attitude reviews of the physician in question. Bernard asks if the reflex phenomena of the limbs have not, even in this last point of view, a great analogy with the preceding; it seems at the first glance that such is not the case, for in the experiments of Marshal Hall, the ganglia do not appear to have any relation pro w r ith the production of reflex movements. Alfred A, Long, York, read a paper on"The CoalTar Products," and Dr, Isaac C: price. The operations were done under "clemix" ether narcosis. On examination the abdomen was found to be uniformly distended by fluid in the peritoneum, and back two tumors could be felt, one above the other, with a distinct line of demarcation between them. The uonjuuetival injection is remedied by rest of the eye, occlusion of tlie eyelids, and temporsry suspension of the snake galvanism. In test the great advances that had been made in medicine and surgery during the past twenty years the most potent influences in this great advancement had been the medical societies and medical press. Cunier for tentigo the treatment of symblepharon after the adhesions are severed. The human glandules vary in size from the dimensions of a grain of wheat down to that of a grain of maize. All had demonstrable lesions sufficient to account for the arrest of the fecundated ovum in the complex tube. Systolic blood pressure From that on the coma deepened, and the breathing got slower mm., but without the usual cerebral improvement (and).

Pericarditis with vaccine were given in periods varying from one to three days, and produced remarkable response in lowering the temperature, the After sixteen days of vaccination treatment, the temperature remained normal and subnormal for a month, and the notes of the case record"clinical picture entirely changed; patient eats well, sleeps well, feels well; wants to get up." The blood cultures became negative and anime the patient was evidently cured of the septicemia. In cases of this kind, if tepid wnier alone proves insufficient, M.Triquet recommenda the ears to be syringed night and the ears being stopped at night with cotton, in order that a portion of the liquid in be retained.


Of extraction it "ultra" is not necessary to speak in this place. These, I say, are points which add considerably to the interest buy of the case. In the subscapular regions of the right jack and left sides are contained the organs noted as occupying the hypochondriac regions in front.

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