(You will want to keep your records, of course, and forward only summaries or Xerox copies.) JOURNAL OF THE TENNESSEE MEDICAL mac ASSOCIATION When and how to give notice to your employees is an individual situation problem. Dysenteriae of any type was isolated at this center, although numerous topical cultures were made of suspected stools. The facilities enjoyed by the publisher for increasing its circulation are unsurpassed, and will result, in a very short time, in placing it at the head of the list of American medical journals in this regard: x2. The artrosilium same is to be noticed in mice and rabbits inoculated with virulent pneumococci. James Ewing, Professor of Pathology at Cornell University Medical College, New advil York, Principles of the Radiation Treatment of Cancer." the University of Upsala, Sweden, and winner larger cities to lecture before otologists and ophthalmologists. I'nder a i-esolution previously presented to the Council suggesting holding Council meetings in places other than in Boston at various times, the Secretary reported that he had not secured from the officers of the district societies Sufficient endorsement of this suggestion to warrant its As requested by the Council last June, the Committee on Public Health reported definitions of the terms"Public Health" and"Public Health Nurse." This brought out an animated whether the remarks were in criticism of the definitions submitted or were intended to amplify and clarify the attitude of the profession toward the common understanding of these seemed to infer that there was a feeling of dissatisfaction with the report submitted, and stoutly maintained that the definitions were clear and comprehensive: cream.

Orbital cellulitis is characterized clinically by ocular pain, lid edema, chemosis and injection of the conjunctiva, orbital tenderness, proptosis, vital Hemophilus influenzae orbital cellulitis occurs infrequently in children. I have not canada tried many cases yet, but one of the difficulties I have to overcome is the prevailing thought in the minds of the jurors that all doctors stand together, and that they are wilUng to go to great lengths to protect each other in suits ai'ising from acts of carelessness, oversight or bad judgment.

Many yet vigorous; some of the best powder brains of cases of profound Anaemias, which have the world are devoting their energies to been diagnosed as pernicious by competent the prevention of the trouble. The animal was flaccid in three where minutes, and the pupils contracted. Besides mere digestive properties, Pepsin and Pancreatine have powerful amazon soothing and.sedative effects, and are therefore indicated in all gastric and intestinal derangements, and especially m inflammatory con gives much satisfaction. So we may say that as a general rule wasting of cells is most marked in wasting diseases, but that this is subject to joint many variations.


The traumeel suspicion was then directed toward the milk, but only indirect evidence is available that this food was responsible for the introduction of the infection, since from the moment the milk was pasteurized onlj- two new cases developed, which, however, may as well have been infected previous to the pasteurization of the milk.

Shakespeare was the third child; Tennyson, the third son; Michael Angelo, the life second son; Beethoven, the second of five sons and two daughters; Cromwell, the second son; Kant, the second of nine children; Newton, the only child; Darwin, the youngest but one of six children; Lyell. It is very enlightening; I fixation had almost said verj' illuminating.

In order to arrive at some soothanol conclusion about this curious point in contagion, Dr. It is the second and third type of influenzal pneumonitis which is probably produced by the commensals of the virus of does influenza. The young man should not indulge in them except under uk intelligent supervision. The greatest mechanical changes in the electrical axis of the heart are those due to the gel respiratory movements reports similar variations in the axis, though he considers the normal In his interpretation of the meaning of these differences in the axis. Now, adding to the food something which will change these symptoms without affecting the destructive process in any degree, it seems to me, is something akin to treating a patient with typhoid fever by keeping him in a bath sufficiently cool to cause him to have a normal "to" temperature. The most probable causes of the vomiting appeared laceration of the small in intestine by the pad of the tourniquet, or, lastly, gangrene of the intestine from occlusion of the On careful consideration of the whole case, and remembering the character of the vomit, gangrene of the intestine appeared to be the real cause. And - joy's removal, leave that institution.

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