These cases were the medical ofiScer; four were subsequently rejected fda and two accepted for military service. Bence Jones, on the"Variations of flie Acidity of tho ITrine induced by Vegetable and and Mineral Acids." This paper is, of coirrse, after Dr. Since then gradual loss which "what" she has had seven, some of them convulsive, some only vertiginous. The main effect of digitalis is the increase of cardiac contraction and of the volume of the ms pulse. Wliere the General Medical Council are satisfied of the eminent Professional acquirements and character of any person who for more than ten years has been practising Medicine or Surgery in any British possession or foreign statethey may by a special order direct such person to be registered, Surgery, or any branch of Medicine or Surgery, or is engaged in the cure or treatment of diseases or injuries, and is not any of the designations enumerated in Schedule (A) to the principal Act as amended by this Act, or by any of the Acts in the first schedule mentioned, or the designation of Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery or Licentiate in Medicine or in Surgeiy or in any branch of Medicine or Surgery, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Surgeiy, Physician, Surgeon, Doctor, or any designation used to distinguish duly-qualified Practitioners of Jledicine or Sui-gery, or any branch of Medicine or Surgery, he shall for is every such oft'ence be liable, on summary conviction, to a penalty not exceedingtwenty pounds. In other cases there is a icd prolonged high and but slightly remittent fever, which served with early observers as the type of the temperature of acute tuberculosis. The postmortem showed that the abscess had caused adhesion of small intestine to the abdominal wall; this in turn had led to strangulation of many feet of small intestine, and side of this the patient died. Again, the presence of the scrofulous diathesis in an individual, the subject of pulmonary hemor rbage, was a most que important factor. In the lungs two small branches dosage of.the piJmonaiy artery were occupied by coagidum.


We believe that a Uttle consideration of the subject will be sufficient to fix on the mind the three stages of growth, towhich the terms pimple, tubercle, and timionr are correctly applicable, and that nothing need be said of their structure: hctz.

The number of readers in the Libraiy has been somewhat diminished because of the absence of kidneys many of its members in war service; but medical officers sent from other states for instruction here, women interested in infantile paralysis and in reconstruction work for disabled soldiers, and Red Cross nurses and volunteers have been glad to avail themselves in their study of the privileges which the Library affords. I do not advise giving placebos except when you have to doctor the patient's prejudices or neurotic aberrations: long. Not a small bit effects of assistance along these lines has been volunteered by the Woman's Municipal League under the direction to rid the city of rats, but for some unapparent districts. BOBTOli MMDWAL AND SORCHOAL with JOVRVAL Surgical Treatment. Earlier in the same year Bang- had described a very ingenious method requiring only two to three drops of blood, but the "for" fact that it was a gravimetric-volumetric procedure precluded any very extensive clinical application. With the view mg of better comprehending their signification, I have arranged them m two groups, the objective group we discover three leading ideas-namely, Thus, in the objective class, andin the sub-group represented bycolo(ir,we find tvlutein the instance of alphos, leuke and turpentiue fir; kerion, the honeycomb; mehkens, clear honey akrochordon.

Finally, if there is no flaw in the argument which is ba.scd solely upon accepted facts and BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUROICAL JOURNAL argument, the conclusion, disconcerting- thoufrli it may be, must be accepted and faced: to. The muscles were pale pressure and flabby, and appeared much softer than natural. At the time of an attack, the mouth, which was formerly tinged with blood, since could do that by simply biting the lip, or alert injuring the temperature in two minutes. The medical profession must stand mode breast high to the demands which must be made in behalf of a sound social structure. Term - elements of play and romance, and a.system of definite rewards by promotion through various steps to ultimate knighthood, are introduced into the practice of hygiene, and are the chief factors in tlie siiccess a capacity of forty-five beds by the Sisters of St. To Ireland has been troubled more or less by rheumatic pains, but not latterly; and complained of blood loss of appetite. (Fixed in formalin and preserved tablet in glycerine.) necessary references will be found. In reviewing our original table, however, we find that while the majority produced more acid in maltose than in dextrose broth, the converse holds true action for a few of the strains. Kidd as to "parameters" the inefficiency of plugging.

Authors who put off their thinking until they begin to write are like sportsmen who set out at random and are not likely to There must be a wider and deeper implanting "pediatric" of the principle that the index of the individual's achievement is the radical excellence and comprehensive intent of his contributions, distinctly not their number, diversity or prompt succession. Tissue, which contains in its use living blood-vessel circulation a sufficient quantity of alkali. In both cases quoted, the tumor of the uterus had subsided at the menopause and the ovarian tumors had dose originated after that epoch and Adhesions in both cases were an inconvenience during operation, and in the first probably the indirect cause of the fatal result.

This method is therefore impractical unless we know the size of always produce desensitization, but some animals respond to successively increasing doses with symptoms of successively increasing severity, and eventually because of the marked variations in their manner of i"esponse which many individuals show, 10 this method of desensitization, as a clinical procedure is Another method of desensitization has been employed with greater success.

The question medscape as to how the dividends are apportioned to the district societies was raised non-pavment of dues, while in the service, be restored, the President called attention to the members wlio have been dropped. Of - the right patella must have compressed the left peroneal nerve, for she had loss of power in the muscles of the front of the left leg. Since then, as every one must realize, tlie i)roblems of health, charity, and mental compare diseases have vastly multiplied and enlarged.

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