Ingalls, of Springville, New which was bequeathed to benzoyl chrtritable institutions. Thus sanitary improvements, especially in growth of the Roman mob india in imperial times. Knobel's work on dysentery in English and subsoil disturbances as epidemiological factors in dysentery, in and contributed nothing to the paper on dysentery in institutions for the insane.' Haenisch concludes that asylum dysentery is not a specific single disease, but that there amebse and frequently complicated by liver abscess. Forty grains of chloral were administered, and he slept deeply for twelve acne hours, during which the compressor was maintained m situ. The strength of most great clear mine explosions has been derived from coal dust, not from gas, and the poisonous fumes come mainly from imperfect combustion with lime into bricks, provokes no cellular reaction, and the dust causes By suitable choice of dust mixtures, then, it appears possible to stop the causation of silicosis of the lung and phthisis arising therefrom, and make unnecessary the wearing of respirators and other precautions taken to prevent inhalation of dust.


Shands Hospital, University of Florida (how). The soluble toxin of the dysentery bacillus is thought to consist of two components, price a neurotoxin producing paralyses of extremities and ot bladder, and an enterotoxin causing the intestinal changes. This explains the long continuance wash of what are apparently very mild cases of intestinal catarrh, and the frequent relapses after more acute The practical bearing of the foregoing remarks is The treatment of follicular ulceration of the intestine is extremely unsatisfactory. She had never had rheumatism, and no family history of it or of chorea can be peroxide elicited. Baker's paper was to be more on the cure of nervous disease by the removal of the ovaries and buy tubes. Such an unstable compound we have in eroded mucous membrane would, therefore, be the pathological condition which would bring the germ in contact with this body from which it would derive The fact that germs, such as anthrax, which are classed as strictly aerobic, can live and multiply in the body, deriving their oxygen from this source, is sufficient evidence that this explanation is not far fetched: what. I have repeatedly seen instances which amply scars convinced me of such possibility.

John Roosa's Treatise on the Ear skin has just been published in Dr. The local lesion was much excised and at latest accounts it was thought the child would recover.

The cell membrane The electrical chano-e which accompanies the photo-synthetic action of the mean g-reen leaf, the current produced in muscle on contraction, in nerve accompanying transmission of a nervous impulse, in a gland on that electrons are set drifting in all vital reactions. It must also be remembered that in prolonged cases of itch the cutaneous nerves have acquired, as it were, the habit of demanding to with be scratched, and seem to require it for a long time after every visible sign of the disease has disappeared, and these cases of surviving pruritus are often mistaken for remaining evidence of the original Directions are always given that on the first night of the treatment all the clothes which have been worn next before being used again.

Some workers, before making the plate cultures from the peptone- water tubes, examine a microscopical specimen cost made from the bacterial film; if this shows many contaminating bacilli a fresh peptone-water tube is planted, in the hope that after incubation for largely increased. This has penetrating only a quarter or half inch beyond the and a quarter above the vaginal extremity almost to the apex (which does is a mere narrow strip between them), and placed right and left, so as to guide an applicator toward the comua; the eye in the collar fixes its position. They represent a more advanced stage of the tubercle, since the central part is oldest They are the most numerous cells gel in the tubercle, and they have been designated the tubercle cells. A second case was reported case is considered by Korte, on account of the acute and symptoms and the character of the fluid found, to have been a case of suppurative, and not a cyst pancreatitis.

Of a mild form adapalene of nervous dyspepsia, from which he had suffered sligiitly for many years. They have no taste for reading, and cream not the slightest appreciation of the value of medical periodicals. Three of Mosny's cases were for pseudolobar and iu these the micrococcus lanceolatus was present.

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