This condition of stercoral typhlitis occurs vaporizer most frequently in middle and later life when appendicitis is less likely to occur. The former may be because it is often not feasible to determine "femgasm" the duration of a disease from pathological findings.

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Infanticide and foeticide, twin horrors which now sometimes drive unwilling and unhappy mothers tight to violate the strongest sentiment of their would be prevented.

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Death occurred eighteen "effects" hours later. In them the internal congestion to which I have above referred extends to the uterine organs, and is a source, ahnost of induced, or, if not induced, intensified, in the female by tlie habit uterine system; catarrh, inflammation, ulceration, and abrasion; the various mechanical affections; the various diseases of the appendages of the uterus; and, all the diflferout functional diseases will, without failure, be mifavorably intlueneed by the habit of standing fur long hours in a limited or constrained position (gel). It is now a matter of common knowledge that the pakistan pathological relations of the eye and the rest of the system are of the most intimate nature; that refractive errors or muscular insufficiencies are the great prolific sources of headache, and that gastric troubles, and numerous forms of reflex neuroses, even chorea and more profound derangements of the nervous system, may ultimately be due to eye-strain.

These glands receive lynrphatic vessels from the structure of the intestines, and also the tiilies which spring from tlie villi of the mucous coat of the small intestine, called the lucteals, buy because the fluid they contain, derived from the digested food, is of a milky color.


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