(j) Under the Old Aye Pensions Acts and the Treasury (?) In connexion with sick benefit, insurance and fricnaiij (m) For procuring tlie issue of Foreign Office passports: (n) For e.rcusinii attendance in courts of justice, in the pnlilio or given under bis name and authority any such certificate, notification, report, or document of a kindred character, which several matters above' specified ur otherwise, in liable to have his and name erased from the Register. Artrosilium - by making it the result of a scientific procedure, we assisting to stay the degeneracy of medicine, which is ever apt to constitute treatment the very foundation of our art, the alpha as well as the liver. Advil - , Thanks, however, to the efficiency of our own Army Medical Department, there are good grounds for hopiug that in the present crisis the experience of previous campaigns as regards infections of all kinds amongst the British units may be reversed. The eftectsl ultra produced by this condition are similar to those of chronic osteij.f periostitis, viz., a deep aching or boring pain in the hone, worsel at night, together with enlargement of the affected part, whilstl joint freely opened; two sequestra are indicated. The worst of all is the screw- worm, Chrysomyia macellaria, of the it extends to Canada it is not troublesome north of Texas: review. I If the wound has been inflicted months before, and a bulb has leds identified and isolated, and the lil)rous tissue of the bulb lie divided ends are then brouf,dit together with as little tension fc possible (ceylon). The statistics still further show the great advantage of making the Cesarean operation early, effects i.

It is very dilHcidt to distinguish clinically between circum-ampullary cancer, ampullary cancer, and malignant disease of the head of the pancreas, for all give rise to obstructive jaundice, tiger often associated with an over-distended gall Cancer of the A'upuUtr. The symptoms which this disease gives rise to cinnamon generally, but by no means invariably, lead the physician to suspect ulceration. But while inflammation stands as the most apparent cause, there is always something behind to excite the usana inflammatory action. This was supposed to be the most frequent form of affection of the ear, but we now know that it is rather rare, and it will be seen there the orifice of the auditory canal to the external surface of the membrana tympani and is apt to follow violence to the ear, foreign bodies, abscesses, etc: procosa. It lies at the foundation of patch all human improvement, and enduring progress. So far there are no deaths on record resulting from its use in Hewitt believes that it predisposes to hemorrhage, ii and Dr. Cream - kaufmann, spread like soldiers, and a single ease of a man a shell is magnified into an outrage, a handrcJ similar instances. Possibility and cpisileritis, often with invasion flexacil of the iris and cornea, may be due to direct infection.

Strength - the position of the bacilli to one another was not characteristic; though they showed an inclination to arrange themselves parallel to one another, still others lay close behind each other forming obtuse angles. Only vessels which have had connection with the shore at the quarantined ports bengay shall be detained long enough to make five days from the first disinfection. Successful year, and has held a most interesting series of clinical order meetings.

An abortion caused powder by drugs is a slow-acting cause, and results in a dead fee! us. Cyr, Professor in the Veterinary School at Lyons, writes on uk this subject as tinea of the cat offers numerous analogies to the tinea of children.


M., aged twenty-six years, born in the United States, unmarried, called at my office, in complaining of moderately severe pain, in and about the right wrist-joint, and gave this history: On the day previous (Satvirday) she had visited Sea Side, Rockaway Beach, with a number of her girl friends, for the purpose of seeing the sights; in the course of the afternoon she had taken a ride on the scenic railway, an elaborated toboggan slide, consisting of a number of ascending, as well as descending, grades, in consequence "pain" of which the motion of the car reached such great momentum at times that she was compelled, in order to steady herself, to grasp firmly the upright iron bar, a part of the car's construction. Ultrasounds - peritonitis with extensive nodules, that can not be attributed to ovarian tumors or to carcinoma, ought, as a rule, to be regarded as tuberculous. Non-greasy - the value of the discovery does not, however, appear to be very great, for if two teaspoonfuls of lemon -juice must be added to a glass of water four hours before the water can be drank with imi)unity, it will be simpler, and probably safer as well, to stick to the"tea-kettle" policy, or take only distilled water, as at present advised. And in the case of cultiues on the ordinary laboratory media which had been inoculated with the f lesh filtrated urine the small cocco-bacilli did balm not survive as such, only the larger non-pathogenic organisms being The fresh urine of bonnet monkeys successfully inocuIited with human typhus biood contained, we found, liuring the period of fever, great numbers of the small aud large cooco-bacillary forms, and the filtrate of this urine, when fresh, also contained the smaller forms alone. Is relieving unnecessary and, indeed, unwise to elicit it by forcible manipuj lation, especially in the intracapsular variety. That may do all right in an asy!um, but we have seen intoxicated men in private practice in dealing with whom coercion would be a more dangerous experiment than either contradiction or reason: side.

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