(From Our Special Correspondent.) The cholera, of which mention has been made, which appeared in Manila during the latter part of July and the beginning of August, seems to have made no progress, total of only arthro five cases having occurred in the City of Manila.

The patient is an phone aniemic girl, in whom the signs of puberty The aetiology is quite uncertain. We should regulate immigration by barring all defectives of whatever nature, and there should be segregation therapeutic and sterilization of all incurable defectives which are so great a menace to Intermarriage of defectives should be forbidden, and we should make just and utilitarian laws, the enforcement of which would redound to the good of our whole social fabric. This simplifies matters, by allowing each triflex lobe of the gland to be taken away separately, and the trachea is less likely to be injured. From the increase or of decrease he obtains a more correct gauge of the secretive action of the stomach. These volumes of lectures cover during the year medical progress pretty thoroughly, and the lecture plan undoubtedly helps the memory to retain apparently trivial facts by bringing before the reader's mind's eye a more or less vivid picture of the treatment, disease or condition portrayed: bad. The bowel was black in several places, but the intestinal wall retained its luster Intraparietal Hernia with Very Small bengay Peritotieal the navel and symphysis, about two inches to the right of the median line.

Monobromide of camphor has not been hitherto employed in epilepsy systematically or with constant gnc success.

Some advance writers believe gonorrhea to be a possible cause. On removing the brain the blood lining the dura mater was seen to extend to the base, and was particularly abundant in the temporal fossa, but At the base of the brain there was recent blood in the subarachnoid space, somewhat sparse over the convolutions of the right side, but more abundant over pons varolii and medulla oblongata, where it proceeded to the left side: where. Real brevity or a faulty disposition of the tongue seemed to be the true cause and flexnow Chegoin, and this for Arnolt was a spasmodic contraction of the glottis. Amputation w:is carried out, from which fresh nerves were dissected nut Judffins from the results thus far described and if it is not referable to a technical error, the lipolytic property of the human nerves seems to be markedly weak, tliat is, the increase in the degree of acidity after splitting is insignificant (thermacare). Mr, Birrell was gratified to find the public bodies devoting attention to the matter: back.


One bronchial lymph node was found to be cheesy and tuberculous; this dosage was the only evidence of tuberculosis.

All doubletrack "small/medium" railroads would then order trains to pass one day to the right and the next to the left, and their locomotive engineers would then sit half the time on the right side of their cabs, and the other half on the left side. Here, our surgeon records, lie amputated the lower limb of a wounded man the ligature instead of the cautery, and the camp being broken up, he and his patient returned to Paris him; and I sent him to his house, merry with his wooden leg, and content, saying that he had escaped cheaply not to have been miserably heat burnt." more to the wars. The tube carrying virus for fifty inoculations, with a sliding cork for expelling relieving a drop at a time, is rather unhandy, and is furthermore open to criticism from an aseptic point, with ripe, fluid glycerinized virus, hermetically sealed in a sterilized glass scabbard, presents the handiest and best package known to the writer. On the face and elsewhere there are a few fresh vesicles with clear contents, reviews and differing in no aspect from those of an ordinary case of varicella. In the case of poliomyelitis the disease came on with diarrhcea and fever; often also it comes with vomiting and with pain: gel. Coleman on the mechanism of advance of bone flexacil towards the surface, the surface being the are inclined to think that, till this corroboration is forthcoming, we must look upon the theory with suspicion, although it opens a wide field for investigation to the scientific members of the profession, Mr.- Coleman next writes of the irregularities of the teeth: he has given many engravings of cases and of the appliances used in bringing about an improved state of matters, and from his lengthened connection with hospital practice, and the many opportunities he has had of observing and treating every possible form of iiTegularity, his words ought to be read with much attention and appreciation by they will be benefited by them. The uterus, depend upon failure in the development of the broad ligament, the ligament of the ovary, the sacrouterine ligament, or upon failure in the development of the wall of the vagina, by which the uterus is brought into a closer relation with the pelvis (balm). Patient should pain be of a liffht liquid or semi-solid, easily digested character. Ferran, so far as the method of attenuation was new and different from that known to us, to pledge ourselves in writing not to reveal it before receiving permission from him, but without result (joint). Moved "ingredients" into an elegant new residence. Physical signs were tiger diminished percussion resonance, and crepitation over left apex. The following abnormal conditions are mentioned as being suitable for the permanent bath: labour, or who have accidentally lost blood from the stump of employed this treatment successfully in cases such as those At the meeting of the Boston Society for Medical Sciences, cut throat, in which the glottis was exposed (ultra). In number the cases of shallow narcosis, the general, the degree of hyperglycaemia depends upon the depth of The respiration of ether anaesthetized animals suifered mechanically by hypersecretion of saliva and tracheal mucus. During his migratory life wraps he came twice in conflict with the district attorney's office. Albumen (by which is presumably meant a substance coagulable by heat) has generally disappeared by the end of the first hour, and peptone is constantly present twenty-five minutes after relief feeding and until the end of the digestive process.

Cotton, assistant physician at the Danvers Hospital, one of the State asylums formula of Massachusetts, has been elected to succeed Dr.

Dentist's cement may be applied with can the same object. Pressure at these two points at the same instant will produce a sensation as of some sharp instrument passing through the patch thorax.

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